[PATCH] clients: fix build on Linux

Olivier Fourdan ofourdan at redhat.com
Thu Jan 14 07:28:58 PST 2016

Hi Emmanuel,

> POSIX.1-2008 (and likely prior versions), and thus Linux as well,
> define ioctl() in this header, so it seems strange it doesn’t exist on
> your system.

I based my patch on a couple of information I found here:


> Linux also defines it in sys/ioctl.h, do you think we should be using
> this one instead of the portable header?

It builds just fine without that include on my system, but I cannot tell for others.

If you reckon some other OS need to include stropts.h, we could check for that in the configure script with an AC_CHECK_HEADERS and include the header only if available with a simple:

#include <stropts.h>

I'll send an updated patch if you think it's worth it.


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