[ANNOUNCE] wayland 1.9.91

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Wed Jan 20 00:51:52 PST 2016

Here's the alpha for the upcoming 1.10 release.  This is a big release
with a bunch of new functionality.

Drag and drop actions are now added to the Wayland API, to facilitate
negotiation of content type when dragging between a source and
destination, and provision is made to communicate the completion (or
cancellation) of the drag action back to the source.  This is designed a
bit differently than the XDND protocol in X11, in that the drag
destination is allowed more control to decide the action to use.

Frame events group pointer events together, to allow things like
diagonal scrolling (which combines horizontal and vertical scroll
events).  New events are also added to more precisely track wheel click
counts, termination of scroll sequences, and how axis events were

A buffer damage request, wl_surface.damage_buffer, allows applications
a more convenient way to communicate portions of a surface needing to be

Shared memory buffers now do reference counting to allow compositors to
delay releasing the memory pools until they're no longer in use.
Enlightenment uses this for doing asynchronous rendering.

There are now provisions for deleting wl_seat objects.  This is useful
in compositors that handle multiple seats such as for remote desktops.

Specific version numbers can be associated with protocol objects
client-side.  For backwards compatibility, version 0 is recognized as
indicating an unversioned API.

New APIs are provided for getting and setting the socket file descriptor
Wayland servers use to communicate with their clients.  This
functionality can be used in SELinux or SMACK environments for improved

This release introduces the enum and bitfield attributes, which allow
protocol designers to refer to the specific enum that is expected in an
argument.  Enums can also be specified as bitfields, as opposed to just
ordinary numerical sequences.

Quite a few clarifications to protocols and API are added;
many of these arose as various desktop environments implemented their
own Wayland support.  And of course a rich assortment of bug fixes, code
cleanups, and test code enhancements are included.  Of particular note,
the scanner now validates the protocol XML using a wayland.dtd

A schedule going forward looks like:

  - Alpha (1.9.91) on Tuesday, January 19th

  - Beta  (1.9.92) on Tuesday, February 2nd

  - RC1   (1.9.93) on Tuesday, February 9th

  - 1.10 on Tuesday, February 16th

Below are the full list of changes so far for this release.


    Auke Booij (5):
      Remove protocol/wayland.dtd
      doc: document the enum and bitfield attributes
      protocol: specify enum and bitfield attributes
      scanner: enforce correct argument type for enums
      doc: output enum and bitfield attributes in the documentation

    Bryce Harrington (7):
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.9.90 for open development
      scanner: Close input resource when done to prevent leak
      server: Add a socket with an existing fd
      socket-test: Fix some comment typos
      socket-test: Refactor if check into the assert
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.9.91 for the alpha release
      configure.ac: re-bump to version 1.9.91 for the alpha release

    Carlos Garnacho (2):
      protocol: Improve data source notification around DnD progress
      protocol: Add DnD actions

    Derek Foreman (9):
      shm: Add shm_buffer ref and shm_pool unref functions
      shm: Deprecate wl_shm_buffer_create()
      shm: Move deprecated function to the bottom of the file
      shm: wl_shm_buffer_get_data() requires a valid pool.
      protocol: Remove incorrect statement that attach must precede damage
      protocol: Add wl_surface.damage_buffer
      server: improve failure log message for wl_global_create()
      server: Test for illegally low interface versions in wl_global_create()
      tests: Test proxy versions

    FORT David (1):
      wayland: add a release request on wl_seat

    Jaeyoon Jung (1):
      server: Calculate remaining data size after a closure is processed

    Jason Ekstrand (1):
      Track protocol object versions inside wl_proxy.

    Jon Cruz (3):
      cosmetic: fix inconsistent code style with header prototypes.
      scanner: stop adding trailing whitespace to copyright
      cosmetic: fix incorrect whitespace.

    Jonas Ã…dahl (19):
      client: Fix minor grammar issue
      client: Reword and add documentation about the marshal functions
      client: Be more clear about when one must call wl_display_flush
      client: Improve wl_display_roundtrip(_queue)() documentation
      client: Move prepare read documentation to .._prepare_read_queue()
      scanner: Generate 'since' macros for requests as well
      scanner: Add missing brackets
      scanner: Fail if 'since' is higher than the interface version
      Use zalloc instead of malloc + memset
      doc: Fix function membership
      doc: Fix incorrect parameter name
      client: Correct documentation regarding thread safeness
      client: Remove misplaced documentation about main loop intergration
      client: Don't make EPIPE fatal if triggered when flushing
      client: Use read preparation API in wl_display_dispatch_queue()
      client: Fully flush during blocking dispatch
      tests: Synchronize client termination in idle callback
      tests: Pass argument to client main
      tests: Test that one can fetch the protocol error after EPIPE

    Marek Chalupa (4):
      event-loop: remove extra header
      add wl_abort private function
      server: remove redundant include
      server: don't send an error to NULL display_resource

    Pekka Paalanen (3):
      Contributing: explain Patchwork
      Makefile: use automake rule for compiling .S
      scanner: drop altmacro from dtddata.S

    Peter Hutterer (8):
      doc: make the doxygen output dependent on scanner.c
      Revert "Remove protocol/wayland.dtd"
      protocol: allow for a <description> element below <protocol>
      protocol: add the new bitfields to the dtd
      Validate the protocol xml during scanning
      protocol: fix a couple of whitespace issues
      protocol: specify behavior of get_pointer when capabilities change
      protocol: add wl_pointer.frame, axis_source, axis_stop, and axis_discrete

    Sung-Jin Park (1):
      server: Add an API to get the file descriptor for a client

    Victor Berger (1):
      client: Add missing arg in a wl_log invocation

git tag: 1.9.91
MD5:  dbcbb493b46aa459a2ce9d4bd296f460  wayland-1.9.91.tar.xz
SHA1: c0ee2c47b8214763254dbfa4d666f7e4e157cfac  wayland-1.9.91.tar.xz
SHA256: f8565e3c381ee043dd994aa90cc848c341132e3289b96848778fc4519ab9cb72  wayland-1.9.91.tar.xz
PGP:  http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/wayland-1.9.91.tar.xz.sig

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