[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.3.901

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Jul 12 02:26:02 UTC 2016

The first RC for libinput 1.4 is now available.

The main feature merged in this cycle is mode support for graphics tablets.
On many tablets, buttons, rings and strips can be used in virtualised modes,
reflected by physical LEDs on the touchpad. For example, a ring may send
scroll events when in mode 0 but zoom events in mode 1.
A broader explanation of this feature is available here:
Note that the backend implementation of pad modes is effectively
nonexistent. We are currently working on the kernel patches to clean up the
LED system for Wacom tablets, until this is in place all tablets will simply
feature a single mode and group.

We now support rotation on some relative devices. This is particularly
useful for trackballs that may be permanently placed at a nonzero rotation angle.
See libinput_device_config_rotation_set_angle() in the libinput
documentation for more info.

A feature that has found its way into the 1.3.x stable series is the
re-introduction of touchpad hysteresis handling to stop pointer wobbles. Too
many devices do not handle input coordinates reliably enough and playing
whack-a-model with each laptop model was simply not good enough.

The mouse and lens cursor tools on tablets are now accelerated like a normal
1000dpi mouse when used for relative coordinates. Styli's relative
coordinates remain non-accelerated.

Aside from that we had the usual fixes, and, like always, mostly in the
touchpad code.

As usual, the git shortlog is below.

Peter Hutterer (78):
      evdev: de-duplicate the model property->model flag list
      Add tagging of trackballs
      configure.ac: move libunwind/addr2line test to inside the test conditions
      gestures: don't send swipe gestures when gestures are disabled
      Add support for relative device rotation (trackball only)
      Add configure.ac check for static_assert
      test: add a keyboard test device with all codes enabled
      evdev: the range between dpad and trigger-happy are keys, not buttons
      touchpad: only use negative pressure change check on Lenovo *50 and *60 series
      touchpad: disable cursor jump detection for Wacom tablets
      test: fix a couple of touchpad tests that triggered the cursor jump warning
      doc: fix a few typos
      test: skip manually setting uinput resolution if it's already set
      udev: add the Yoga 2 to the wobbly touchpads
      udev: mark ALPS touchpads fw version 300 as wobbly touchpads
      Drop the ALPS_RUSHMORE tag
      doc: update doc to explicitly state that the seat isn't referenced
      doc: update ref/unref behavior for the tablet tool
      tools: print the pad capabilities
      pad: ignore EV_MSC events
      doc: sort the svg files alphabetically
      doc: add the missing svg files to the Makefile.am
      doc: grammar fix in the Makefile
      tools: add missing space in libinput-list-devices output
      udev: mark the Logitech M570 as trackball
      tools: print the rotation angle in libinput-list-devices
      touchpad: fix link in error message - add missing '.html'
      tablet: up the reference count for the tool in the event
      touchpad: short-circuit the edge scroll handling when it's not enabled
      touchpad: warn if we have invalid touchpad ranges
      doc: ship the doc sources even when not building with docs
      doc: add a check to compare local files with those in the makefile
      tools: add missing space after listing touch/tablet capabilities
      tools: show tablet-pad capabilities in libinput-list-devices
      tools: print button/ring/strip info for pads
      touchpad: restore the hysteresis by default
      pad: group the button state into a private struct
      test: start the pad button tests at BTN_0
      pad: change button map ordering
      evdev: check model flags for actual booleans
      touchpad: use the tp_libinput_context() helper
      evdev: add helper to get the libinput context from the evdev device
      tablet: add helper function to access the libinput context
      pad: add helper function to access the libinput context
      touchpad: don't warn about kernel jumps on semi-mt devices
      touchpad: split palm movement detection into a helper function
      touchpad: stop palm detection when a second finger is detected
      test: make the valgrind target depend on 'all'
      test: when creating an abs test device, force the abs->value to the mimimum
      test: add an apple magicmouse device
      Revert "test: add a test for the T450 dropped motion events"
      Revert "touchpad: only use negative pressure change check on Lenovo *50 and *60 series"
      Revert "touchpad: reset the motion history on significant negative pressure changes"
      touchpad: re-enable hysteresis by default for all devices
      util: add safe_atoi helper function
      doc: split the tablet pad events into their own doxygen module page
      doc: move the struct declarations to the top
      doc: add two svgs showing the modes
      pad: Add a new API for modes and mode groups
      pad: implement basic mode group support (1 group with 1 mode)
      test: add an Wacom EKR test device
      test: add pad mode group tests
      tools: reduce tilt scale to 1/30 of the input value
      tablet: make the cursor/lens tool behave like a 1000dpi mouse
      touchpad: only check for vertical finger distribution on 2fg gestures
      doc: add a section to the FAQ on how to retrigger hwdb changes
      gitignore: add pattern for gcov detritus
      gestures: make the gesture movement threshold depending on finger count
      touchpad: unify internal/external touchpad tagging
      evdev: return the desired middle button emulation state
      touchpad: remove software middle button when emulation is enabled
      test: fix a memleak when creating udev devices
      test: create a lock file to avoid parallel udev reloads during device add
      test: up the timeout to 30s
      test: write the valgrind test results to a different output file
      Fix and improve mode group documentation
      configure.ac: libinput 1.4rc1

git tag: 1.3.901

MD5:  3c809ff90af153efe39963d7a6b9668f  libinput-1.3.901.tar.xz
SHA1: cc94a56a3c604e8824921799e4eccd5671b74c29  libinput-1.3.901.tar.xz
SHA256: 42025074c415fd3a202d167056d93896d013211d657befb379b7dc3ebed8c0a7  libinput-1.3.901.tar.xz
PGP:  http://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.3.901.tar.xz.sig

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