Two wayland connection in single process context

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Vikas Patil <vikasmpatil at> wrote:

> Dear All,
> Could you comment/suggest on following approach of using two different
> wayland connection in single process?
> First wayland connection for creating wl_shm backed wayland surface
> for receiving touch inputs in main thread or as separate thread. Like
> simple-touch.c example but without painting and transparent.
> Second wayland connection for another egl wayland surface for
> rendering in shared library which will be loaded by above application.
> Like simple-egl.c example.


if you never want your first connection to handle input events on the
surface created on the second connection, I suppose it would work. You
also will not be able position your surfaces from the different
connections relative to each other at all.

The main thing to remember is that *everything* is private to a
connection. If you create a wl_surface on one connection, it is as if
it does not exist at all for any other connection. It does not matter
if the connections come from the same thread, process, or not.

If you expect any sort of interoperability, you *must* use the same
connection for everything. Opening a second connection from the same
program to the same server is practically always a design mistake.

Of course, one could make Wayland extensions to work around this, but
don't go there.

So, in short: don't do it.

> Will this work? Is it this the right way to do it or is there any
> other mechanism available for such requirement?

What do you want to achieve?

You didn't explain what you really want to do.

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