[ANNOUNCE] wayland 1.11.0

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Wed Jun 1 02:12:22 UTC 2016

This is the official release of Wayland 1.11.  Here's a brief synopsis
of some of the key enhancements provided by this update.

Proxy wrappers were introduced, which help avoid race conditions in
multi-threaded clients.  A new "proxy wrapper" API is added for the
client to use when sending requests, that doesn't proxy events.  This
helps avoid one thread causing events to be dropped before they can be
handled by other threads.  Tests have been added to verify
functionality, and the new functionality is now used in fixing a race
condition present with wl_display_roundtrip_queue().

Wayland's shared memory (shm) received several improvements.  When
undergoing a resize operation while external users are holding
references to it, the resize is deferred to prevent leading to a crash;
Wayland now counts external and internal users differently to permit
tracking this.  Other invalid situations during resizes now emit better
warnings to the log and properly clean up their memory allocations.

As part of Wayland's ongoing work in improving enum for language
bindings, support for cross-interface enum attributes is added.  This
allows the documentation to reference enums defined in other interfaces
using a dot notation.

Documentation now includes HTML generation of doxygen comments in the
source code.  This provides client-side and server-side API
documentation, allowing developers easier reference to Wayland's
functionality from the web.  Each protocol gets a separate doxygen
@page, and each interface its own @subpage; in the case of Wayland there
is just the one core protocol, but for the wayland-protocols package
this will better organize the various content since each will have a
fixed HTML file name so that it is directly linkable/bookmark-able.
A few configuration settings for doxygen were tweaked to enable better
scanning C code.

Other changes this release include:

* Add --version arg for wayland-scanner.

* Add summaries to protocol event parameters.

* Make scanner's stack non-executable, for security purposes.

* Fix configuration with --disable-dtd-validation due to incorrect
  autoconf variable name.    
  (Fixes https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=575212)

* Fix a crash when errors are sent involving objects that have already
  been destroyed.  Log messages are changed to report [unknown
  interface] and [unknown id] in this case.  A test case is added to
  cover this as well.

* Add an --enable-fatal-warnings config option for making build warnings
  terminate compilation.  This is not set for build distcheck because
  some distros are overly-pedantic and would terminate building

* Various grammar, spelling, and punctuation cleanup throughout protocol

* Various fixes and enhancements to test cases.

* Various code cleanups related to header includes

Our next major release will be version 1.12, which will be scheduled
tentatively as follows:

  √ Development opens immediately

  - 1.12-alpha in mid-August

  - 1.12-beta in early September

  - 1.12-rc1 in mid-September, with rc2 only if necessary

  - 1.12.0 by the end of September

Changes since RC:

    Bryce Harrington (1):
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.11.0 for the official release

Full list of changes since 1.10.0:

    Armin Krezović (1):
      scanner: Add version argument to wayland-scanner

    Auke Booij (1):
      protocol: add support for cross-interface enum attributes

    Bill Spitzak (1):
      doc: Use enum argument type to make links in protocol documentation

    Bryce Harrington (6):
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.10.90 for open development
      doc: Note strong recommendation to use S-o-b in contributions
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.10.91 for the alpha release
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.10.92 for the beta release
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.10.93 for the RC1 release
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.11.0 for the official release

    Derek Foreman (9):
      resource-test: Use wl_seat instead of wl_display for testing
      server: validate resource versions at creation time
      build: Add an --enable-fatal-warnings configure option
      build: build distcheck with --enable-fatal-warnings
      Revert "build: build distcheck with --enable-fatal-warnings"
      Revert "server: validate resource versions at creation time"
      shm: Split pool reference counting into external and internal references
      shm: Defer wl_shm_pool_resize if a pool has external references
      shm: Log a warning if a shm buffer address is requested when it may be invalid

    Emil Velikov (3):
      scanner: move include directives before extern "C" wrapper
      server: move include directives before extern "C" wrapper
      utils: move include directives before extern "C" wrapper

    Eric Engestrom (7):
      protocol: fix spelling mistake
      wayland-client: fix spelling mistake
      client: fix typo
      server: fix typo
      util: fix typo
      doc: fix typos
      tests: fix typo

    Jonas Ådahl (5):
      client: Don't segfault when receiving error on destroyed object
      client: Make proxy_destroy a static function
      client: Introduce proxy wrappers
      tests/queue-test: Add tests for proxy wrappers
      client: Fix wl_display_roundtrip_queue() race condition

    Marek Chalupa (3):
      tests: add test for receiving an error on destroyed object
      connection: remove redundant assignment
      display-test: move a misplaced comment

    Pekka Paalanen (2):
      build: fix ./configure --disable-dtd-validation
      scanner: avoid executable stack

    Peter Hutterer (2):
      doc: generate doxygen html output from the scanner
      doc: link between client and server doc and to the wayland book

    Sergi Granell (1):
      server: Fix shm_create_pool size fail path fd leak

    Yong Bakos (13):
      doc: Ignore html subdirectory.
      ignore: Add *.dtd.embed
      scanner: Fix spacing of @param
      protocol: Correct grammar and spelling
      doc: Hyphenate compound adjectives window-local, surface-local
      protocol: Hyphenate compound adjective surface-local
      protocol: Add summaries to event parameters
      protocol: Remove double line break
      doc: Formalize file comment in wayland-client.h, wayland-server.h
      connection: Move wl_interface_equal to util
      private: Remove unnecessary forward declarations
      tests: Check for client/server-core.h inclusion
      scanner: Remove unused forward decs from client protocol

git tag: 1.11.0
MD5:  fccf680be066e234729d5b69e0bd0fa9  wayland-1.11.0.tar.xz
SHA1: ba0494a3ab811251f7ad72710bc751cb668d8848  wayland-1.11.0.tar.xz
SHA256: 9540925f7928becfdf5e3b84c70757f6589bf1ceef09bea78784d8e4772c0db0  wayland-1.11.0.tar.xz
PGP:  http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/wayland-1.11.0.tar.xz.sig
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