[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.3.2

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Jun 16 05:51:33 UTC 2016

A relatively mild update, the commits mainly change a few warnings.
Specifically: we now warn when a touchpad's events are significantly outside
the kernel-announced range. This usually indicates that a hwdb entry is
needed to make the touchpad work properly.

Peter Hutterer (6):
      tools: add missing space in libinput-list-devices output
      touchpad: fix link in error message - add missing '.html'
      touchpad: warn if we have invalid touchpad ranges
      evdev: check model flags for actual booleans
      touchpad: don't warn about kernel jumps on semi-mt devices
      configure.ac: libinput 1.3.2

git tag: 1.3.2

MD5:  d5c9d16825666078930d2df6103acde8  libinput-1.3.2.tar.xz
SHA1: 2b6c9fbbe4a5b15ee832f77433ffa81feb7c416a  libinput-1.3.2.tar.xz
SHA256: 0701230781b59c0f1510ae86da15a7b15655e723ace366ad479ccb09fe92a183  libinput-1.3.2.tar.xz
PGP:  http://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.3.2.tar.xz.sig

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