thanks and introduction

Yong Bakos junk at
Wed Mar 9 23:21:12 UTC 2016

> On Mar 9, 2016, at 1:14 PM, Bryce Harrington <bryce at> wrote:
> What I'm referring to are warnings that look like:
> /home/bryce/src/Wayland/wayland/wayland-1.10.90/_build/protocol/wayland-server-protocol.h:3082: warning: The following parameters of wl_keyboard_send_key(struct wl_resource *resource_, uint32_t serial, uint32_t time, uint32_t key, uint32_t state) are not documented:
>  parameter 'serial'
>  parameter 'key'
>  parameter 'state'

Thanks Bryce. That's what I thought - and I'm not seeing this warning when I
run `make check`. Specifically, I am:

git clone git://
cd wayland
./ --prefix=$WLD
make check > check.log.txt 2>&1

I've also run `make check` after checking out the 1.10 branch, same results.

I seem to be missing a step. Thanks for any pointers and for sharing some of
your time with me.


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