[PATCH wayland-protocols v5] text: Create second version of text input protocol

Daiki Ueno ueno at gnu.org
Fri Mar 25 07:16:34 UTC 2016


Jan Arne Petersen <janarne at gmail.com> writes:

> There is a reference implementation of this version of the protocol in QtWayland
> https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/153711/ where the text-input protocol is used to proxy the
> Qt input method of Qt Wayland clients to the Qt input method on compositor side.

Thanks, it is helpful to understand the protocol while rebasing the
gtk+/mutter patches.

I have a few comments on the protocol:

> +    <request name="update_state">
> +      <arg name="serial" type="uint" summary="used to identify the known state"/>
> +      <arg name="flags" type="uint" enum="update_state"/>
> +    </request>

The name "flags" implies that it takes multiple bit flags, but it
actually takes a single enum value.  Maybe it is better called "state"
or "reason"?

> +      <description summary="update state">
> +	Allows to atomically send state updates from client.
> +
> +	This request should follow after a batch of state updating requests
> +	like set_surrounding_text, set_content_type, set_cursor_rectangle and
> +	set_preferred_language.

This sentence indicates that the request is used for some sort of
synchronization between the client and compositor.  I'm wondering if it
could perform a roundtrip using wl_callback, instead of generating a
serial on the client side.  Then the serial could later be obtained from
the compositor through wl_callback.done.  Would that cause any race

Daiki Ueno

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