[ANNOUNCE] wayland 1.10.91

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Wed May 4 07:55:16 UTC 2016

Here's the alpha for the upcoming 1.11 release.  I'll summarize the
major features for this release in the beta announcement, but see below
for the detailed listing.

The schedule going forward is:

  √ 1.11-alpha on May 3rd.  Major features done by this point.

  - 1.11-beta around May 17th.

  - 1.11-rc1 around May 24th.

  - 1.11.0 release around May 31st.

At this time consider Wayland in feature freeze mode.  We'll continue to
land minor enhancements through beta, and focus on bug fixes thereafter.


    Auke Booij (1):
      protocol: add support for cross-interface enum attributes

    Bill Spitzak (1):
      doc: Use enum argument type to make links in protocol documentation

    Bryce Harrington (3):
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.10.90 for open development
      doc: Note strong recommendation to use S-o-b in contributions
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.10.91 for the alpha release

    Derek Foreman (9):
      resource-test: Use wl_seat instead of wl_display for testing
      server: validate resource versions at creation time
      build: Add an --enable-fatal-warnings configure option
      build: build distcheck with --enable-fatal-warnings
      Revert "build: build distcheck with --enable-fatal-warnings"
      Revert "server: validate resource versions at creation time"
      shm: Split pool reference counting into external and internal references
      shm: Defer wl_shm_pool_resize if a pool has external references
      shm: Log a warning if a shm buffer address is requested when it may be invalid

    Emil Velikov (3):
      scanner: move include directives before extern "C" wrapper
      server: move include directives before extern "C" wrapper
      utils: move include directives before extern "C" wrapper

    Eric Engestrom (7):
      protocol: fix spelling mistake
      wayland-client: fix spelling mistake
      client: fix typo
      server: fix typo
      util: fix typo
      doc: fix typos
      tests: fix typo

    Jonas Ådahl (5):
      client: Don't segfault when receiving error on destroyed object
      client: Make proxy_destroy a static function
      client: Introduce proxy wrappers
      tests/queue-test: Add tests for proxy wrappers
      client: Fix wl_display_roundtrip_queue() race condition

    Marek Chalupa (2):
      tests: add test for receiving an error on destroyed object
      connection: remove redundant assignment

    Pekka Paalanen (2):
      build: fix ./configure --disable-dtd-validation
      scanner: avoid executable stack

    Peter Hutterer (2):
      doc: generate doxygen html output from the scanner
      doc: link between client and server doc and to the wayland book

    Sergi Granell (1):
      server: Fix shm_create_pool size fail path fd leak

    Yong Bakos (7):
      doc: Ignore html subdirectory.
      ignore: Add *.dtd.embed
      scanner: Fix spacing of @param
      protocol: Correct grammar and spelling
      doc: Hyphenate compound adjectives window-local, surface-local
      protocol: Hyphenate compound adjective surface-local
      protocol: Add summaries to event parameters

git tag: 1.10.91
MD5:  5a34f0b2dde3512bfd0c9b2a2af9034d  wayland-1.10.91.tar.xz
SHA1: 32568737ab49a5ee3bafcd5b7d002094875e0feb  wayland-1.10.91.tar.xz
SHA256: cb40de85488eb138e0f25b86b161c880c8115e07b7a89ec24c8cc99d02b4ca31  wayland-1.10.91.tar.xz
PGP:  http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/wayland-1.10.91.tar.xz.sig

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