Help with initializations.

Jeff Zhao at
Sat May 7 15:35:53 UTC 2016

Hi, my name is Jeff.
I am not sure if I am suppose to post here, but the main page said
discussions can be posted here.
I am currently 17 and am working on a little project. My program would like
to interact with libinput and configure device options.

However, my programming skills are still very basic and I found the
documentation for libinput very hard to find a starting point.
I would make a struct libinput and would not know how to initialize it. The
same applied to libinput_device, libinput_context and libinput_interface;
libinput_interface only says
"libinput does not open file descriptors to devices directly, instead
 and close_restricted()
called for each path that must be opened."

void *user_data also seemed very vague.

I was wondering if anyone can point me in the general direction that can
get me started.

Thank you.
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