Does anyone use Weston on the Raspberry Pi?

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at
Wed May 11 08:28:31 UTC 2016


it has been a very long time since anything has happened with Weston's
rpi-backend. This is the (only) Weston backend using a proprietary API,
for Raspberry Pi it is the DispmanX API.

I have heard reports that the rpi-backend has been a lot more not
working than working, allegedly because of firmware issues.

I haven't tried it myself for a long time, but sounds like I wouldn't
have much luck in checking if the rpi-backend would still be ok. I
might be able to dig up an ancient sd-card image where I originally
developed the rpi-backend and test with that, but it seems useless if
no-one else doing the same, and if it won't work on recent images

Is anyone using Weston with the rpi-backend on a Raspberry Pi?

Would you be upset if I deleted the whole rpi-backend right now?

The rpi-backend is a dead end anyway, because the work in the kernel and
Mesa to support the Raspberry Pi is progressing, and eventually you
will be able to use the standard DRM-backend of Weston. But, I hear the
DRM support is not quite completely there yet, so deleting the
rpi-backend might cause a support gap in Weston releases.

So, does anyone care about keeping up with Weston releases if you use
it on a Raspberry Pi?

If you do care, it does work for you, and you would like to keep on
updating Weston, would you be able to test Weston patches from the
mailing list?

I have a lot to do, and I would prefer to not invest effort in code
no-one is using, that is tagged for removal in the future anyway.

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