[PATCH] Build a libweston library

Benoit Gschwind gschwind at gnu-log.net
Thu May 12 19:17:33 UTC 2016

Hello Giulio,

First I have comments about the generated weston-0.pc file. The current
file does not look to follow the usual .pc file content as described in
[1]. First the "Cflags" look to be the place for -I options, while
"Libs" and "Libs.private" are dedicated to -L and -l options. Also note
that pkg-config use "Requires" and "Requires.private" to hold dependency
that implement .pc file. This mean that you may use weston.pc,
wayland-server.pc or what ever is needed here at first place. Then, If
the library does not implement a .pc file, you must fall-back to "Libs"
or "Libs.private".

The other point is also that you keeped a single {prefix}/lib/weston-0
directory that hold, for instance, gl-renderer.so, x11-backend.so,
desktop-shell.so or fullscreen-shell.so. gl-renderer.so and
x11-backend.so are both implementation of libweston internals details,
as already stated in others discussions. Otherwise, fullscreen-shell.so
and desktop-shell.so are weston(-compositor) modules, that are not tie
to libweston. Thus I suggest, as we starting libweston, to split weston
modules in another directory, and keeping libweston implementation
detail to weston-0.

Outside this comments the patch is working and is making what he claim.
I did not already tested to create a compositor from the library. But
it's probably something we can tackle later.

Tested-by: Benoit Gschwind <gschwind at gnu-log.net>

Best regards.

[1] https://people.freedesktop.org/~dbn/pkg-config-guide.html#writing

Benoit Gschwind

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