Introduction and updates from NVIDIA

Dave Airlie airlied at
Fri May 13 01:31:54 UTC 2016

> While only NVIDIA currently supports streams, this is not an NVIDIA-specific
> set of problems, nor is it intended to be an NVIDIA-specific solution if
> other vendors adopt the open EGL standards it is based on.

Open standards are great, what's better is open conformance tests, and
open implementations.

EGLStreams is complicated, I know this because I've spent some time
digging into it on a couple of occasions.

How is anyone going to validate compatibility of streams implementations?

btw I'm not saying having an open implementation of open conformance
tests for it will help get it adopted,
but I haven't seen any one except nvidia even remotely interested in EGLStreams.

This is old school Khronos collaboration when you probably really need
new world open source collaboration.

I also think Streams is too big a hammer for the job, and that
building up gbm collaboratively in the open
will result in a better solution for everyone in the long run.


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