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> > On 20 May 2016, at 08:50, Pekka Paalanen <ppaalanen at> wrote:
> > 
> > You would design a new protocol extension private to Weston, with which
> > you deliver to your client the handles for top-level windows as they
> > come and go. Then with those handles you could design a protocol for
> > laying out a scaled version of the surface referred to by a handle on
> > top of a wl_surface of your own.  
> Can a Weston protocol extension be easily converted to a Wayland protocol extension?

Technically there is no difference.

You cannot expect anyone else to implement it, though, just like we
have explained and people have already said they won't implement
anything like it.

The "private to weston" also means it should be a privileged interface:
arbitrary clients must not be able to use it, as it's none of their
concern and could be a security concern.

> > 
> > You cannot get "the window's surface". You need to invent a new
> > type of handle (a protocol object interface) for referring to
> > windows, and communicate any metadata you may need with it.  
> What is Weston's internal representation of a window's surface? What
> parts of the code are most relevant to these kinds of things?

struct weston_view is the thing that goes on screen (the scenegraph),
and gets its content from struct weston_surface.

You also need to integrate with the desktop-shell plugin to identify
proper windows apart from everything else that is a weston_surface.

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