[PATCH weston v2] ivi-layout: Initialize surface source rectange to 1x1

Potrola, MateuszX mateuszx.potrola at intel.com
Tue May 31 09:13:13 UTC 2016


> Even more so, because as far as I can see, to actually see the badly sized surface
> you have to do this in ivi-layout API:
> 1. add the surface to a layer
> 2. set visibility true
> 3. commit_changes
> 4. set source rectangle
> 5. commit_changes
> At step 3, the surface will be shown. It looks to me that you are very specifically
> asking the surface to be shown with an unset source rectangle. Is there any
> other way it can happen?

That is correct, we are specifically asking surface to be shown before setting source rectangle - we are just testing different test case of how ivi shell can be used, that is one of them.

> > This is because initial setting of destination rectangle to 1x1 is not
> > causing surface resize and because source rectangle is 0x0 appropiate
> > transformation matrix is not calculated
> Ok, but why is that wrong?
> If you do not set source and destination rectangles, what do you expect to get?

I expect to not see anything, but in that case I can see that surface is being displayed in original size.
> I thought they were not optional to set, but the documentation does not really
> say if, or what is expected.

If that is wrong use case then it will be nice to get some info in documentation about what steps are mandatory to do before eg. setting visibility to true.

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