When to apply pointer constraints?

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at kde.org
Wed Nov 16 14:52:42 UTC 2016

Hi Wayland devs,

I'm currently implementing the pointer-constraints protocol and run into 
small uncertainty with the documentation.

For zwp_locked_pointer_v1::set_region we have: "The new lock region is 
buffered. The new lock region will only take effect when the associated
surface gets its pending state applied."

But for zwp_pointer_constraints_v1::lock_pointer there is no information 
whether it should be applied immediately or only once the surface gets 
pending state applied.

Given that the set_region call is double buffered I assume that after 
a lock_pointer the surface needs to be committed. Is that correct?

Similar for confine pointer this is also not fully specified.

Also for destroy I assume that this will take place immediately and does 
require another surface commit. Is that correct? The documentation says: 
unconfine the pointer, send the destroy request."

Martin Graesslin

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