[PATCH weston 2/2] Makefile.am: Link modules to libweston.la

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Mon Nov 21 11:00:28 UTC 2016

Hi Quentin,

On 18 August 2016 at 10:15, Quentin Glidic
<sardemff7+wayland at sardemff7.net> wrote:
> @@ -116,7 +116,9 @@ libweston_ at LIBWESTON_MAJOR@_la_SOURCES =                    \
>  lib_LTLIBRARIES += libweston-desktop- at LIBWESTON_MAJOR@.la
>  libweston_desktop_ at LIBWESTON_MAJOR@_la_CPPFLAGS = $(AM_CPPFLAGS) -DIN_WESTON
> -libweston_desktop_ at LIBWESTON_MAJOR@_la_LIBADD = libweston- at LIBWESTON_MAJOR@.la $(COMPOSITOR_LIBS)
> +libweston_desktop_ at LIBWESTON_MAJOR@_la_LIBADD =                \
> +       libweston- at LIBWESTON_MAJOR@.la                  \
> +       $(COMPOSITOR_LIBS)
>  libweston_desktop_ at LIBWESTON_MAJOR@_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info $(LT_VERSION_INFO)

COMPOSITOR_LIBS is full of -Lfoo -lsyslib. To the best of my
knowledge, these belong in LDADD, which is things to throw in the ld
command line; LIBADD is local libraries to add, which will be
dependency-tracked and also thrown through the libtool mangling

Could you please test with a split that has $(COMPOSITOR_LIBS) et al
being set as LDADD, and only the local paths for LIBADD? Such a patch
would have my R-b, as the rest looks sound enough.


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