KVM and Xen guest fail with cirrus emulated graphic card

Dario Faggioli dario.faggioli at citrix.com
Mon Nov 21 16:55:28 UTC 2016


I've recently tried Fedora 25 inside both a KVM and Xen guest. In both
cases, the emulated graphic card selected by default is the "bad old"

So, as I reported in my comment to this (already existing) bug:

 - on Wayland, with Cirrus as emulated graphic card, I don't see the 
   GNOME login screen appearing.

 - if I keep Cirrus and disable Wayland (via /etc/gdm/custom.conf),
   both Xen and KVM guests works ok.

 - if I keep wayland and use a different graphic card (vga or qxl, for
   instance), both Xen and KVM guests works ok.

There's not much information online, and what's there suggests that it
may be due to the hw characteristics of Cirrus (e.g., the 24bpp thing),
which are not supported by Wayland.

The issue has been brought up and is being discussed in this thread

Now, what we're interested to know is, if possible:
 - how we can actually figure out what the issue is
   (I've poked around, but haven't found much in any log)?
 - is it something that can be made to work? If yes, is
   it likely to happen, or will this be a 'won't fix'?

This is relevant because, as I said, for both for KVM and Xen, what
we're getting _by_default_ is a non working guest, if Wayland is used.

Thanks and Regards,

PS. please, keep me in Cc, if possible, as I'm not subscribed right
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