Proposal to add 'raise' and 'lower' to xdg-shell in wayland-protocols

Adam Goode agoode at
Wed Nov 30 17:04:33 UTC 2016


See and

When using Client Side Decorations, toolkits cannot bind raise or lower to
user actions. This binding is traditionally used in the "middle click
titlebar to lower" action, which no longer works with CSD on Wayland.
Additionally, when click-to-raise is disabled, a click on a CSD titlebar
will not raise the window.

I would like to add 'raise' and 'lower' to xdg-shell. These requests will
take no arguments, similarly to 'set_maximized' (which is commonly bound to
double-click titlebar).

Is there any objection to adding these to xdg-shell, or should I
investigate another solution?


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