[ANNOUNCE] Wayland Live CD release

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at verizon.net
Sun Oct 16 04:17:36 UTC 2016


I have pushed out new ISO files for the Wayland Live CD project, named after my favorite celebrity (Rebecca Black).
        I wanted to time the release to celebrate the release of her new song The Great Divide, but I had some issues I previously had to resolve

This might be the last set of ISOs I announce here. I will post newer ISOs/commits, but probably won't announce to the Wayland mailing list.

I have almost everything Wayland related on these ISOs, and also now, there are an increasing number distributions containing Wayland sessions, such as Fedora with Gnome-Shell, and KDE Neon's ISOs.

My ISOs have more Wayland Desktops however, both KDE and Gnome, as well as Enlightenment, Orbital, Hawaii, Orbment and Sway.
Also all Wayland enabled toolkits, Qt, GTK, EFL, SDL, glfw and FreeGLUT
This has the master versions of all the Desktop Environments. 

They also still include the wizard utility for easily configuring weston mulitseat/multipointer, instead of manually editing udev
It can be run from the menu, or
wlsudo configureseats

Releases are on Sourceforge and Github

The ISOs remain based on Debian Testing.

New in this release: Most of the changes is within the upstream releases. Within the SVN, The build scripts, and the iso test script now mounts all bind mounts and union mounts in a separate namespace, the waylandloginmanager now shows descriptions for each desktop environment, (mainly to tell users how to use Sway and Orbment), and on the smaller ISOs, a second checkinstall operation handles the removal of the headers, and removal of symbols from the binaries, to minimize the number of files changed, to reduce the number of errors reported by dpkg checksum validation, and the ISOs were built with SVN commit 4377 .

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