[ANNOUNCE] weston 1.11.94

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Tue Sep 13 19:42:41 UTC 2016

This is another release candidate for weston 1.12, requested to give the
libweston-desktop work another week to more fully stabilize.

Weston's internal code has been restructured into a new software library,
libweston.  This is intended for use by other compositor efforts that
want to more easily utilize Weston's internal functionalities.  Weston's
own compositor is now a user of this library.

As well, another new library named libweston-desktop provides an
additional level of functionality of relevance to compositors
implementing a desktop metaphor style of graphical interface.  This
library API is designed around xdg_shell functionality, providing for
handling of popups, window state, and interfacing with Xwayland.

Both libweston and libweston-desktop should be treated as unstable
libraries (i.e. their APIs are subject to change).  A versioning scheme
has been adopted for their ABI provisioning to enable compile-time
detection of breaks.  In other words, this enables users to detect
incompatibilities at install-time in their packaging system, rather than
when they try to actually use the software.  The system is designed to
help not only with released Weston components but also to flag
inconsistencies when using development snapshots of the libraries, to
help developers avoid problems due to inconsistencies, too.

Support for the new version 6 of the xdg_shell protocol has been
implemented in the Weston compositor, and all clients are ported to it.
See the wayland-protocols 1.7 release notes for details on the included

A pointer locking and confinement API is implemented for Weston using
the wp_pointer_constraints protocol, to allow clients to define window
regions to confine the pointer to.  These regions can be irregular; a
client is included to demonstrate confinement to a H-shaped region, for
example.  A relative pointer protocol (using wl_relative_pointer) has
also been introduced, which allows clients to continue receiving pointer
movement deltas even when the pointer's absolute position is clipped for
example to the edge of the monitor.

The Raspberry Pi backend (rpi-backend) and renderer have been dropped.
This code was reliant on a proprietary driver stack, and proved not to
be maintainable within Weston.

Several other features, build improvements, bug-fixes, code
refactorings, refinements to destruction processes, and so on are
included.  See previous release notes for details.

Changes since previous RC:

    Bryce Harrington (1):
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.11.94 for the RC2 release

    Quentin Glidic (6):
      desktop-shell: Unset fullscreen/maximized state on commit
      desktop-shell: Add back the saved position and rotation for fullscreen/maximized
      libweston-desktop/xdg_shell_v5: Add surface as needed
      Revert "terminal: Fix crash due to race condition in init"
      libweston-desktop/xdg_shell_v6: Add surface as needed
      libweston-desktop/xdg_shell_v6: Raise errors on not-yet-possible requests

git tag: 1.11.94
MD5:  a4318cfedce49c0f374d7725c3a70e09  weston-1.11.94.tar.xz
SHA1: aa59c450e4244446aff0af82d600e87954d9e740  weston-1.11.94.tar.xz
SHA256: f996212d60d3e6d6aef2b34208c6511f3f888a88709907263984571f2516e0de  weston-1.11.94.tar.xz
PGP:  http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-1.11.94.tar.xz.sig

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