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Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) raster at rasterman.com
Sat Apr 1 14:24:08 UTC 2017

On Sat, 1 Apr 2017 14:03:21 +0100 Auke Booij <auke at tulcod.com> said:

> The C programming language was developed in the early '70s. It was
> always considered a proof of concept, as it was clear to everyone
> involved that any serious programming lanugage should have a garbage
> collector. Indeed, Dennis Ritchie is widely known to have said:
> "What I would really like is to extend this prototype into a garbage
> collected, multi-paradigm, modern programming language, supported by a
> major player in the industry."
> Of course, the language thus envisioned would later be implemented as
> C pound (not to be confused with the cloud programming language #C).
> Let's catch up to 1990 and translate major parts of wayland to the
> language of the people - haskell.

ummm... how about no?

> Some early code can be found here:
> https://github.com/abooij/sudbury
> Existing wayland clients run without recompilation. Compositors are
> not supported yet.
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