[PATCH 1/2] Introduce keyboard grabbing protocol for Xwayland

Olivier Fourdan ofourdan at redhat.com
Mon Apr 3 18:56:23 UTC 2017

Hi Pekka,

> you cannot ignore a wl_registry.bind request. Did you ever try to see
> what happens? :-)

Admittedly, I didn't go that far!

> If you do not create a wl_resource when the protocol spec says "this
> creates a new object", then if the client ever refers to the
> non-created object, it will hopefully be automatically shot dead for
> referencing a bad object id.

Ah right, makes sense, of course...

> Furthermore, I think it also violates the object id allocation scheme,
> so if the client tries to create any new object after the ignored bind
> request, that would also explode.
> So you might just let the client out of its misery before anything more
> confusing can happen. At least you can then deliver a descriptive error
> message. ;-)

Yeah, I'll use the global filter API, it's the intended use and really simple to put in place :)

> As for the protocol wording, I think it should be enough to say that
> compositors should restrict the interface to Xwayland. How they do that
> is up to them.

Yeap, agreed


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