Build failure while compiling weston 2.0

manojavm at manojavm at
Tue Apr 18 17:39:12 UTC 2017


I am trying to upgrade weston 2.0 and currently we have weston 1.9 
working. we are using yocto build system and downloaded weston, wayland 
and wayland protocols latest version from

wayland: wayland-1.13.0.tar.xz
wayland-protocols: wayland-protocols-1.7.tar.xz
weston: weston-2.0.0.tar.xz

we are able to rebake/compile wayland, wayland-protocols successfully. 
Looks like wayland scanner is not generating .xml files to .c and .h 
files due to which weston compilation leads to failure.

It complains missing xdg-shell-unstable-v6-server-protocol.h and 

Has anyone tried upgrading to weston 2.0. Could you please suggest what 
we are missing.


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