Accessibility considerations

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Tue Aug 29 07:31:43 UTC 2017


I would like to revive this keyboard accessibility discussions started
before here [1], more specifically about slowkeys, stickykeys and

We can choose to add support for those either client side or server side.

The general consensus was it would better be server side (fwiw, I
completely agree) with a mechanism for clients such as games to opt-out [2].

Implementation would be in xkbcommon.

So my questions are:

 - Where do we stand with all these, has any work started on xkbcommon
implementation? If not, any pointer where to start? (I don't know xkbcommon
code much, so any hint might help)

 - Regarding the Wayland protocol side of things, should we come up with a
new specific protocol (e.g. a11y-keyboard) or amend existing protocol
(wl_keyboard or input-method)?


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