Who generate the headers?

ferreiradaselva ferreiradaselva at protonmail.com
Sat Dec 2 11:05:11 UTC 2017

Hello, everyone

I'm still learning how the distribution to the access of the API works. I'm making a library like GLFW/SDL2 with Wayland as one of the backends.

I have in my system `/usr/include` the headers of my interest `wayland-client-protocol.h` and `wayland-client.h`. However, the protocols header doesn't have the XDG Shell API, since it's just recently declared stable.

The questions:

1. If I wanted to have access to the unstable features (could be any, like XDG output, tablet, text input), could I generate the headers myself and I would have access to them by just linking my sources with `-lwayland-client`?

2. Is there some header generator available, anywhere, that is recommended?

Best regards,
Felipe Ferreira da Silva
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