Can I copy-paste Wayland generated header in my own library header?

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Sat Dec 2 14:39:33 UTC 2017

Good morning.

I'm writing a cross-platform window framework, like GLFW, but containing only two files (a source and a header).

I would like to copy and paste the content of the xdg-shell.h generated with wayland-scanner into my header (swfw.h), between #ifdef/#endif, so if the user compiles for Wayland, the user won't need to generate the xdg-shell.h.

My framework is under ZLIB, and Wayland is under MIT. I would like to know from the team: does it affect the license of my framework by copying and pasting the header to make my lib easier to use? And, if does, any recommendations about what to do?

This is sort of how it would look like:

#ifndef MY_LIB
#define MY_LIB

/* The whole xdg-shell.h header is pasted here */

struct window {
    struct wl_surface *surface;
    struct wl_buffer *buffer;

struct context {
    struct wl_display *display;
    struct wl_compositor *compositor;
    struct wl_seat *seat;
    struct wl_pointer *pointer;
    struct wl_keyboard *keyboard;

/* Other backends */

#endif /* MY_LIB */

-- Felipe Ferreira da Silva
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