Can I copy-paste Wayland generated header in my own library header?

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> > first, IANAL, of course.

> > I don't know ZLIB license, or why you picked that instead of MIT, for
> > instance.
> >
> > Since the whole purpose of wayland-protocols is that you take the XML
> > file, run it through wayland-scanner, and include the compiled product
> > of that in your program binaries, there is no intention to change or
> > affect your license. Even totally closed source proprietary programs
> > are just fine using anything generated by wayland-scanner from
> > wayland-protocols.
> >
> > I also see no reason to even attempt to forbid e.g. modifications to
> > the generated code or even the XML itself.  
> Both ZLIB and MIT are very similar, and with similar popularity, the
> difference is that ZLIB is a bit more clear, and more permissive,
> since it doesn't state that "The above copyright notice and this
> permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial
> portions of the Software." This statement in MIT mean that a user
> making an application must state somewhere that they are using such
> library under MIT. I already state in repository that Wayland is
> used, but the end-user *likely* won't do that (for whatever reason).
> Does the Wayland development community feel like that's a problem?

In my personal opinion, it is not a problem in this case.

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