[RFC wayland-protocols] Color management protocol

Graeme Gill graeme2 at argyllcms.com
Thu Jan 5 10:58:19 UTC 2017

Daniel Stone wrote:

> (By way of example, Mesa does not usefully expose 10bpc formats for
> non-Intel drivers right now; the hardware and underlying drivers do;
> it's just a small bit of missing glue code. On the other hand, there
> is no silent jump between precision; it just wouldn't work.)

Right, so that's all (near) future stuff, whereas 10 bpc
VideoLUT output precision is rather old and currently
supported, even on ancient HW like my GeForce 8600 and
its predecessor. (So old in fact, that the D/A and VGA output
conveys that 10 bit to the display).

I'd also rather hope (but haven't had any confirmation)
that HW that permits 10 bpc frame buffers has 12 bit
VideoLUT precision, particularly with HDR now being a thing.

Graeme Gill.

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