[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.5.901

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Jan 10 04:13:42 UTC 2017

The first RC for libinput 1.6 is now available.

The primary feature merged in this cycle is the new touchpad acceleration
code. See this link for a writeup
The summary is that the now touchpad better reflects finger motion but can
also go a lot faster than before, alleviating some concerns that the
touchpad is too slow.

The tap parameters have also been changed to provide for a more responsive
cursor, a writeup with more information is available here:

There has been a fair bit of cleanup and rework, many of the minor
bugfixes and device-specific quirks have already made it into the 1.5.x

Barring any unexpected bugs, expect 1.6 to be out in a week or so.

Peter Hutterer (72):
      util: fix indentation for safe_atoi
      util: fix include order
      util: if errno is nonzero, exit early from safe_atoi
      test: switch asserts to litest_assert
      test: add a test for safe_atoi
      evdev: move reading the calibration prop into a helper function
      path: read the calibration prop on startup
      test: add a device and test for udev-set calibration values
      util: add safe_atod for locale-independent conversion
      util: add a helper function to split a string into substrings
      evdev: use safe_atod to convert the matrix values
      util: tighten requirements on the click angle/count properties
      tablet: reject tablets without resolution
      tools: change --speed to --set-speed for consistency
      tools: print pointer axis source in event-debug
      evdev: init axis range warnings for touch devices too
      touchpad: add a quirk for the HP Pavilion dm4
      Use the LIBINPUT_VERSION define, not the normal VERSION
      tools: don't define GNU_SOURCE if were including config.h anyway
      Drop HAVE_CONFIG_H ifdef
      Fix the license for a bunch of tablet test devices
      Whitespace fixes
      touchpad: sync BTN_TOOL_FINGER state on init
      tools: fix prototype for tools_usage
      tools: fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings
      tools: fix comment wording
      tools: include config.h in libinput-list-devices and ptraccel-debug
      tools: make sure GCC_FLAGS is used in tools/
      test: fix distcheck
      tools: support --help in the ptraccel-debug tool
      tools: up the maximum velocity so the output graph shows the leveling off
      tools: local headers use quotes, not pointy brackets
      tools: whitespace change
      tools: add some extra help output about the expected input data
      touchpad: constify a few helper functions
      touchpad: convert two functions to use the device->phys helpers
      filter: split a condition up so we can mark it as bug
      filter: add a comment for how we calculate velocity
      evdev: rename a leftover weston variable
      filter: fix a comment, the trackpoint profile uses device units
      Change the directions bitmask to a uin32_t
      filter: fix comment on how we calculate the slow-motion incline
      test: don't set LITEST_VERBOSE during make check
      test: mark the magic trackpad as external in udev
      test: use the udev property to check for external/internal touchpads
      touchpad: if an external touchpad and keyboard share a VID/PID assume dwt
      touchpad: change direction flags from int to uint32_t
      filter: store the raw dpi value in the filter
      filter: drop the dpi_factor in favor of direct calculation
      filter: duplicate pointer accel for touchpads
      touchpad: init the device's dpi correctly
      Add device_float_get_direction
      filter: change the filter functions to take raw device coordinates
      filter: drop the now-generic trackpoint and low-dpi filter functions
      filter: change touchpad accel code to use mm/s
      filter: work the touchpad magic slowdown into the various parameters
      tools: switch the ptraccel-debug printf to use mm/s
      filter: revamp the touchpad's acceleration code
      doc: update the touchpad pointer acceleration svg
      filter: tweak the magic slowdown
      touchpad: reduce the initial timeout for tapping after touch
      touchpad: reduce the tap movement threshold to 1.3mm
      tablet: ignore MSC_SCAN
      gestures: if fingers don't move, force a gesture by finger position
      test: add test for the vertical position-dependent pinch
      tools: add allowed range to --set-speed help output
      tools: size in mm is enough, no need for sub-mm precision here
      tools: align device notify output better
      tools: reduce some spacing to compress the output a bit
      evdev: add helper function to parse a udev flag
      test: swap order for selftest and test suite
      configure.ac: libinput 1.6rc1

git tag: 1.5.901

MD5:  fa25ed7df194aa231c513ee1ce280538  libinput-1.5.901.tar.xz
SHA1: d5b218ca687c800e177b24f3e984bfa52701ad71  libinput-1.5.901.tar.xz
SHA256: 1347c932c447405892d59c47910f02474bec366b98fc30e6d8c9dd7e41874a0e  libinput-1.5.901.tar.xz
PGP:  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.5.901.tar.xz.sig

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