[RFC wayland-protocols] Color management protocol

Florian Höch lists+wayland-devel at hoech.org
Fri Jan 13 15:37:57 UTC 2017

Am 13.01.2017 um 16:19 schrieb Richard Hughes:
> On 13 January 2017 at 14:56, Florian Höch <lists+wayland-devel at hoech.org> wrote:
>> .. also guarantee that nothing else will be shown on that specific output
> FWIW, I'd be fine just displaying a color swatch on the entire screen
> with no window decorations; the only reason we use a composited window
> in gnome-color-manager is so the user knows where the put the sensor.

Well, that will work for profiling, as long as you don't mind not being
able to see progress information (which I would consider a real drawback).
Besides it's surely a bit awkward that the computer then cannot be as
easily used differently in the meantime if it doesn't have a second
monitor connected (not that I'd recommend it, but I often have a music
player open during measurements and sometimes it's nice to have the
ability to adjust the playlist while lengthy measurements are still
running, to give an example. Also who am I to tell people with their new
gigantic 4K 40" desktop monitor that they can't use the rest of the
available real estate while a comparatively tiny measurement swatch is
displayed in the center?).
Also a fullscreen color swatch will probably not be able to deal
gracefully with things like OLED screens which might have automatic
power limiting depending on displayed content and such, which could
botch the measurements in a way that makes the resulting profile useless.

It certainly won't work for guided adjustment (unless you re-implement
UI), where the feedback displayed in the UI is supposed to guide the
user through adjustments to (e.g.) monitor controls he/she needs to make.

Florian Höch

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