[ANNOUNCE] NVIDIA EGL External Platform interface and Wayland library release

Miguel Angel Vico mvicomoya at nvidia.com
Wed Jan 18 16:35:21 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Along with our 378.09 BETA driver release this morning, we have
published our work-in-progress EGL External Platform interface source

For a little bit of context, you can find my XDC 2016 talk about this at


, although the interface has changed from what I presented back then.

The EGL External Platform interface will allow anyone who wants to add
support for a new window system EGL platform to our driver to do so on
top of lower-level EGL platforms.

For now, that means on top of EGL_PLATFORM_DEVICE_EXT, most likely using
EGLStream extensions.

As a reference implementation of the interface, we have also released
our Wayland EGL platform library source code.

Both the interface and Wayland library code can be found at





Suggestions and comments are always welcome.



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