Linux: Smooth splashscreen with system having weston with drm-backend

Daniel Stone daniel at
Mon Jul 17 20:20:53 UTC 2017

Hi Matt,

On 17 July 2017 at 20:39, Matt Hoosier <matt.hoosier at> wrote:
> Also beware that the DRM backend of Weston will aggressively set the mode
> before you have any chance to paint user-defined content of your own in a
> Wayland client program. So there will still be some window of time during
> which your early splashscreen disappears and no specific application content
> replaces it.

Funnily enough, I'd say it's aggressively delayed. ;) It makes sure to
wait until the shell (usually desktop-shell) signals 'ready'. The 3.0
alpha just released should delay the modeset even further, to avoid a
flicker to black.


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