not completely booting to the desktop without a screen connected?

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Wed Mar 15 08:39:39 UTC 2017

On Wed, 15 Mar 2017 08:23:28 +0000
Andrea Giammarchi <andrea.giammarchi at> wrote:

> IIRC  Weston also doesn't start if there is no input attached while Xorg
> boots without issues.
> That makes Weston not an ideal place for dumb clients connected to the
> internet actively showing infos, ads, weather, alarms, through a screen but
> not listening to any inputs.


this thread was about starting without outputs.

I've already forgot if Weston is able to start without outputs, Armin
may have implemented that as part of his GSoC 2016.

Weston can start without any input devices if you say in weston.ini
that it is ok (require-input=false). It's not the default, because if
Weston for some reason simply failed to open existing input devices, it
would leave the user with no other "input" than the power and reset
buttons, aside from remote access.

If you wanted to run Weston without both input and output, there is the
headless backend we use in the test suite.

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