It seems regular linux desktops can't run android apps even on Wayland?

LĂșcio Boari lucboari at
Wed Mar 22 04:19:55 UTC 2017

Hello I'm LĂșcio. I'm not a programmer so maybe what I am discussing here is
somehow erroneous. Today I was wondering why it's not possible to have
Android apps running natively on a Linux desktop since Android runs atop
the Linux Kernel and it is pretty much compatible with the x86
architecture, and since Google has always open sourced their code. I made
some research and found this page
explains basically a triple layered EGL context will always exist if you
try to attach the Android's display server on Wayland, and very few drivers
are capable of handling this.

Why does the same thing doesn't happen with Xwayland? Isn't it the same
kind of problem? It is a pity things are this way because if Android apps
were compatible with the standard linux system there would be a certain
advantage in shipping a standard Linux distro on smartphones and tablets
over the plain Android System to not talk about regular computers which
would gain a huge amount of applications.

I hope you Wayland developers could make a way to attach Androrid
applications on Wayland, but if there's really no good way to do this
currently... If there is I'd like to know why there's apparently no one
interested to make such a thing to happen...
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