New paths for Wayland sockets (Re: Enabling Android-style per application user ids)

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at
Fri Nov 3 10:04:27 UTC 2017

On Friday 2017-11-03 10:37, Pekka Paalanen wrote:
>> Summary of (individual) proposals follows.
>> >- modify WAYLAND_DISPLAY to support absolute paths which overrides
>> >  any search paths  
>>  - introduce new WAYLAND_SOCKET
>>  - modify WAYLAND_DISPLAY to reject '/'
>What would be the functional difference to WAYLAND_DISPLAY accepting
>absolute paths? Why would a different environment variable make a

Well because you cannot establish for certain that people have or have not
already used WAYLAND_DISPLAY=/newsock in the concatenation sense.

(Depending on who you ask and how much weight they give to it,
breaking application interfaces is out of the question. That's all.)

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