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Vincent Tschanz vincent.tschanz at
Fri Nov 3 17:21:15 UTC 2017

I'm not sure if I'm a the right place about my issue, please tell me if I
should ask elsewhere.

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 17.10 and I'm now using Wayland and Gnome.
The scroll speed of my mouse is now painfully slow, for all applications. I
fact, the faster I turn my mouse wheel the slower the scroll. I'm not sure
if it's due to a negative acceleration or because some "rotation clicks"
are missed above a certain speed.

The Gnome guys told me it's because Wayland/libinput does not support
scroll speed adjustment.
And I didn't found any bug report about that :

Is this a known problem? Is there any known workaround?

Thanks for your time.
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