[PATCH libinput 0/2] libinput record/replay as evemu replacement

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Nov 28 01:40:48 UTC 2017

Short story: I'm, planning to replace evemu. Its API is difficult to extend
because it ended up as a library when really it should've only ever been a
tool. Changing it requires breaking the API anyway and at that point we
might as well add a new tool. shipped with libinput, because that way it's
all nicely available in the same repo, etc.

The tool spits out JSON instead of some custom format. Not quite as nice to
read but easier to edit (try adding/removing an extra bit on an evemu
file...) and it has more standardised parsing tools available.

This patchset is the first version, there will likely be changes as we start 
using this more extensively.


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