[PATCH RFC xserver] xwayland: List all wl_output::mode(s) in xrandr

Olivier Fourdan ofourdan at redhat.com
Thu Nov 30 09:24:23 UTC 2017


> > Say, xwl_screen size is 1600x1200, RandR "sets" 800x600, and suddenly
> > all Xwayland wl_surfaces start using wp_viewport to set 2x up-scaling?
> > I.e. X11 window size that is 800x600 will produce a 800x600 wl_buffer,
> > but wp_viewport makes the wl_surface 1600x1200. I think visually that
> > should match pretty close what an actual mode change would have done,
> > for all X11 windows on the Wayland desktop.

Sorry, I forgot to add one last point.

Right now, mutter doesn't list multiple modes and doesn't support wp_viewporter either, but weston does both so for now weston is probably a better candidate for experimenting with this (at least until mutter catches up on those).


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