wayland-build-tools build fail for libinput "./wl_build: line 19: ./autogen.sh: No such file or directory"

michael-wayland-user at michaelzfreeman.org michael-wayland-user at michaelzfreeman.org
Sat Sep 9 14:10:46 UTC 2017


My first post here. I'm in the process of slowly replacing Xorg with  
Wayland. I've always been interested in the possibilities of 3D  
operating systems and Wayland is a very exciting time for Linux.

I have tried building Wayland using the "wayland-build-tools" on  
Github - https://github.com/wayland-project/wayland-build-tools ...

However the build fails when it gets to "libinput" because the project  
has changed from using "autogen" to meson and ninja -  

I am endeavouring to make a fix for this but I'm not familiar with  
Wayland and my scripting skills are a bit rusty. I suspect I may be  
able to build libinput manually and the script might pick up that its  
installed at the dependencies stage. If anyone is familiar with these  
scripts then any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Z Freeman

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