[PATCH] Add m1bpp (monochrome, 1 bit/pixel) pixel format

Drew DeVault sir at cmpwn.com
Fri Sep 15 14:59:56 UTC 2017

I missed this from your earlier email:

>I believe that all the formats* are analogous to the ones used in the
>kernel, as defined in drm_fourcc.h.
>Is there such an equivalent, if not should one consider adding one first?

Adding support for this screen in Linux is an interesting idea... but
perhaps too much work for too little gain. It can't be GPU accellerated
so DRM doesn't give much value-add here.

Some formats here, namely argb8888 and xrgb8888, have values that are
not derived from DRM, which is why I grouped m1bpp alongside them rather
than at the end of the list. This patch doesn't set a new precedent in
that regard.

Drew DeVault

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