[PATCH wayland-protocols v2] protocol: add compositor-debug.xml

Devadoss, Maniraj (RBEI/ECF3; ADITG/SWG) external.mdevadoss at de.adit-jv.com
Fri Sep 22 09:03:53 UTC 2017

Hi Pekka,

Sorry, I will upstream the patches again.

Best regards

Maniraj Devadoss
Software Group (ADITG/SWG)

Tel. +49 5121 49 6933

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From: Pekka Paalanen [mailto:ppaalanen at gmail.com] 
Sent: Freitag, 22. September 2017 09:36
To: Devadoss, Maniraj (RBEI/ECF3; ADITG/SWG)
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Subject: Re: [PATCH wayland-protocols v2] protocol: add compositor-debug.xml

On Mon, 11 Sep 2017 17:33:58 +0200
Maniraj Devadoss <external.mdevadoss at de.adit-jv.com> wrote:

> This is a new debugging extension for non-production environments. The 
> aim is to replace all build-time choosable debug prints in the 
> compositor with runtime subscribable debug streams.
> Signed-off-by: Pekka Paalanen <pq at iki.fi>
> Signed-off-by: Maniraj Devadoss <external.mdevadoss at de.adit-jv.com>
> ---
>  Makefile.am                                        |   1 +
>  unstable/compositor-debug/README                   |   7 ++
>  .../compositor-debug-unstable-v1.xml               | 128 +++++++++++++++++++++
>  3 files changed, 136 insertions(+)
>  create mode 100644 unstable/compositor-debug/README  create mode 
> 100644 unstable/compositor-debug/compositor-debug-unstable-v1.xml

Hi Maniraj,

applying this patch and the first weston patch fail in git-am with:

error: cannot convert from n to UTF-8
fatal: could not parse patch

Please, when git-send-email asks you which character encoding to use, just press enter and it will choose UTF-8. Do not type anything else.
It seems here you typed "n", so it took "n" as the character encoding.

Would you happen to have a public git branch with these patches somewhere? If not, please re-send one more time so that I can apply these patches to take a look at them.

I didn't read the patches through this time, but I took a quick look and it seems you got all the cover letters and commit messages nicely done now.


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