[PATCH weston 00/21] Fixes and reorganization, clone mode prep

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 14:31:08 UTC 2017

From: Pekka Paalanen <pekka.paalanen at collabora.co.uk>


I have been working towards clone mode[1] and thought it would be a time to
shorten my patch series. This series here is a selection of patches from my
clone mode preparations.

It's a colorful bunch. There are refactorings, memory leak fixes, protocol
correctness fix, simplifications and so on. A bag of all kinds of things that
somehow got into my way while developing the head-based output API for
supporting shared-CRTC clone mode in the DRM-backend.

Many patches are unrelated and could fairly freely be reordered. Therefore
reviews on individual patches here and there are not only possible but also
appreciated, I could merge many patches out of order.

This series is also available at:

If you're interested in the whole clone mode series, I have a WIP branch at:
but beware that that branch will be often rewritten.


[1] https://phabricator.freedesktop.org/T7727

Pekka Paalanen (21):
  libweston: move weston_output::mode_list init to core
  compositor-drm: use asprintf in make_connector_name()
  compositor-wayland: use asprintf for output title
  tests: ensure output dependent IVI tests run
  libweston: weston_output_init(..., +name)
  compositor-wayland: move output init into common, fix error path
  compositor-drm: set output make/model/serial once
  compositor-drm: set all properties in create_output_for_connector
  libweston: send more wl_surface.enter/leave events
  libweston: rename weston_output_destroy() to weston_output_release()
  libweston: ensure backend is not loaded twice
  libweston: set backend pointer earlier
  compositor-fbdev: remove unused output arguments
  compositor-fbdev: MAP_FAILED is not NULL
  compositor-fbdev: simplify FB destroy/unmap/disable
  compositor-fbdev: always destroy renderer-output on disable
  compositor-fbdev: rename fbdev_output_disable_handler()
  compositor-fbdev: fix finish_frame_timer leak
  compositor-fbdev: remove unused field 'depth'
  compositor-fbdev: unref udev on backend destruction
  compositor-drm: unref udev on backend destruction

 libweston/compositor-drm.c       | 91 ++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 libweston/compositor-fbdev.c     | 99 +++++++++++++++++-----------------------
 libweston/compositor-headless.c  | 11 ++---
 libweston/compositor-rdp.c       | 13 +++---
 libweston/compositor-wayland.c   | 46 ++++++++-----------
 libweston/compositor-x11.c       | 11 ++---
 libweston/compositor.c           | 82 ++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 libweston/compositor.h           |  5 +-
 tests/ivi_layout-internal-test.c |  8 ++--
 9 files changed, 207 insertions(+), 159 deletions(-)


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