[PATCH weston 09/21] libweston: send more wl_surface.enter/leave events

Ray, Ian (GE Healthcare) ian.ray at ge.com
Tue Sep 26 06:09:24 UTC 2017

On 22/09/2017, 17.33, "wayland-devel on behalf of Pekka Paalanen" <wayland-devel-bounces at lists.freedesktop.org on behalf of ppaalanen at gmail.com> wrote:
> From: Pekka Paalanen <pekka.paalanen at collabora.co.uk>
> A client may have bound the same wl_output multiple times, for who knows
> what reason. As the server cannot know which wl_output resource to use
> for which wl_surface, send enter/leave events for all of them.
> This is a protocol correctness fix.
> Signed-off-by: Pekka Paalanen <pekka.paalanen at collabora.co.uk>

Reviewed-by: Ian Ray <ian.ray at ge.com>

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