[PATCHv2] Add name event to xdg-output

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 07:49:51 UTC 2018

On Tue, 10 Apr 2018 10:27:40 -0400
Drew DeVault <sir at cmpwn.com> wrote:

> Will it address your concerns if I:
> 1. Add a statement clarifying that the names are unique across all
>    living wl_outputs and may be reused if the corresponding wl_output
>    global is removed
> 2. Add a statement clarifying that persistence of names between sessions
>    is only guaranteed for the same hardware & software configuration

Hi Drew,

yes, these statements would be very good. Make sure you refer to
wl_output globals and not just wl_outputs, because the wl_output
protocol objects (wl_proxy) can be, even if should not, left lingering
by a client even when the global has been removed.

I was going to propose that you would actually leave the persistence
explicitly unreliable with a sentence something like this:

	"Persistence of the name delivered by an xdg-output is only
	guaranteed for the lifetime of the corresponding wl_output

This would imply to clients that if they save the name e.g. in a config
file, they cannot really rely on the same appearing on the next launch.
The reason I'm worrying about this is that otherwise someone is bound
to use the xdg-output name as part of session state restoration.

But your point 2 is good too. I think it is sufficient even for the
session restoration, should anyone (ab)use it for such. It also implies
answers to all the questions I posed, I believe.

Thank you for your effort in perfecting this.

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