Finding a window's icon

Nicholas Bishop nbishop at
Wed Apr 25 22:49:28 UTC 2018


As I understand it, windows under Wayland don't directly expose an icon.
Instead xdg-shell provides an application ID [1] that can be used to
identify the application. The application ID is suggested to be the
basename of the appropriate .desktop file.

>From that I'm guessing that a wayland shell is supposed to search a set of
well-known directories containing .desktop files and attempt to match the
application ID with a filename?

My question is, does that work in practice? Do most applications actually
set the application ID as suggested? (So far I haven't found any that do,
but maybe I'm just testing too small a set of applications.) If that's not
how Wayland shells implement the icon lookup, what's the right way?

More generally, does this mean that displaying the icon for a remote
application requires a corresponding desktop file on the local machine? I
feel like I'm missing something here :)


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