[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.11.902

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Aug 13 23:40:51 UTC 2018

The second RC for libinput 1.12 is now available.

First a heads-up, this is probably going to be a longer RC cycle than usual,
just look at the commit count for rc1..rc2 below. I don't have any
additional large features planned for 1.12, so the rest should just be
bugfixing and polishing now.

A large part of the changes here are documentation cleanups after the move
to sphinx. Good news, the big changes are all complete now. Some pages have
moved but we now generate custom 404 pages for those to remind people to
update links. The docs do need some additional attention and work, but it's
not a showstopper anymore. As usual, if you encounter any issues please let
me know by filing a gitlab issue.


A nice new touchpad feature is Matt's improved scroll-direction locking.
libinput now looks closer at the direction of movement for 2-finger
scrolling, if reasonably close to a 90 degree axis, we snap to that axis.
This reduces the number of accidentally horizonal scoll events but
horizontal/diagonal scrolling is still available. Many thanks here too to
Konstantin for continuous testing of the various in-development versions.

On the topic of touchpads: historically, libinput has blocked all finger
motion within the clickpad software button area to avoid accidental movement
on clicks. This is improved now, we still block motion for largely
stationary fingers but otherwise allow moving fingers that start within the
bottom area to control the pointer.

For touchscreens libinput now has MT_TOOL_PALM-type palm detection, 
previously only available on touchpads. I don't think any device driver
has that available in the current kernels, but when the future comes and we
need palm detection on the IVI in our flying cars, we'll be ready.

Jeff's patch to the tablet code fixes inadvertent slight movements on pen
down/up, so if you noticed a ever-so-slightly off position when you started
drawing, this should be gone now.

Exactly zero issues have been filed for the new trackpoint acceleration
code. Which indicates it's either perfect, no-one tested it, or no-one
upstreamed their local quirks... *shrug*

Misc other fixes include better finger counting for taps on 2-slot serial
touchpads (papering over some weird kernel behaviour here) and
auto-smoothing of trackpoint event timestamps to avoid jumps when we get
bursts of events.

Besides all the above, the usual set of fixes, minor improvements, etc.

As usual, the git shortlog is below.

Matt Mayfield (4):
      Remove seemingly extra pasted line from license
      doc/user: add 90-degree scroll behavior
      test: touchpad: add tests for 90 degree scroll (axis lock)
      touchpad: 90-degree scroll helper

Peter Hutterer (73):
      doc/user: mesonconf is meson configure
      doc/user: add a note on meson's dependency() in the building docs
      doc/user: drop the autotools builds
      doc/user: re-do the conditional build section
      doc/user: the SELinux section doesn't apply to modern meson
      doc/user: building - promote dependencies to a higher-level section
      doc/user: update the 'no package found' link to the meson version post
      meson.build: fix name of the measure touchpad-tap script
      doc/user: some rewording and improvements
      doc/user: more documentation cleanups and fixes
      fallback: change a debug message to be less ambiguous
      fallback: add another debug message for tablet-mode keyboard suspend
      README: drop a @ref in favor of the full link
      doc/user: tidy up the development page
      doc/user: more fixes including adding a device-types section
      doc/user: use extlink for a common commit links
      doc/user: drop the old page-hierarchy page
      doc/user: add a hack to get to the git version
      doc/user: swap some note out with hint
      doc/user: rename filenames with underscores to dashes
      doc: drop the doxygen conversion script
      doc/user: add a custom 404 page
      util: remove now-unused helper functions
      Revert "doc/user: add a custom 404 page"
      doc/user: add custom 404 pages for the old links
      doc/user: mark the touchpads page as orphan
      fallback: move the mt slot state struct/enum here
      fallback: change a list of if conditions to a switch statement
      fallback: move flushing MT events to a helper function
      test: add test helpers for touch sequence parts
      test: handle ABS_MT_TOOL_TYPE from the litest devices
      fallback: add support for ABS_MT_TOOL_TYPE for touch screens
      touchpad: improve finger counting for synaptics serial touchpads
      doc/user: match the quirks list output with the code
      doc/user: add the quirks tool to the tool list
      doc/user: add touchpad pressure debugging as separate page
      tools: record: don't bother setting last_ms to 0 on the first event
      doc/user: drop the sphinx -a flag
      filter: always init a delta smoothener for 10/10ms on trackpoints
      tablet: unify the license text with what we have in COPYING
      test: rename the x220 clickpad to something more telling
      test: touchpad: swap an int for a bool
      test: add a 10ms delay for scrolling tests
      tools: debug-*: show unaccelerated deltas for pointer events
      meson.build: fix typo in version to compare to
      meson.build: silence meson warning that we should use configure_file's copy
      meson.build: process the various tools as a single file list
      doc/api: drop git-version.dox
      doc: use configure_file()'s @PLAINNAME@ instead of calling install
      meson.build: drop the now-unused liblitest
      test: remove an obsolete comment
      test: ensure we write something during litest_sendfile
      doc/user: move the jumping cursor page to troubleshooting
      Fix doc links to use dashes, not underscores
      doc/user: move touchpad jitter to troubleshooting
      test: switch two ints to bools
      test: remove the deviceless test runner, make it a commandline arg instead
      meson.build: the selftest doesn't need all litest sources
      test: replace hand-rolled backtrace function with gstack
      util: fail property parsing if the dimensions are 0
      util: switch to a check for isnormal for safe_atod
      util: tighten safe_atod parsing to only parse 'normal' numbers
      test: fix quirks test for invalid bus type matches
      test: add tests for successful/failing parsing of various quirks
      tests: more tests for quirks handling
      quirks: don't allow single quotes for values
      touchpad: rename 'curr' to 'current'
      touchpad: coding style fixes
      touchpad: if a finger in the button area moves by more than 5mm, release it
      touchpad: change the min vector for the scroll lock to 0.15
      touchpad: drop check for left button areas
      test: when testing for a touch sequence, assert it's the same slot's sequence
      libinput 1.11.902

jeff (1):
      tablet: clear tablet history on tool contact change

git tag: 1.11.902

MD5:  b7e15210131ea6e6d4053635c73424c1  libinput-1.11.902.tar.xz
SHA1: 82fd69244e49f5d1d44799439f4a38bc5951fad0  libinput-1.11.902.tar.xz
SHA256: 9e8a3a7f14b971f755fd08f17d01ae663632a18c362bd73af577a61664cb2f9b  libinput-1.11.902.tar.xz
SHA512: 23290f8375225cfb5b3f37126f92bb42a5670a3861a234be9680f3e52299145d0082a35a2910ff1991f537dc14f48c5060e4540667f0272333a164aa8ebb18d0  libinput-1.11.902.tar.xz
PGP:  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.11.902.tar.xz.sig

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