Wayland/weston opens files in suspend/resume

Teemu K maillinglists18 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 09:18:00 UTC 2018


I have custom iMX6 based HW running image generated with Yocto 2.4
(Wayland 2.0.0) and Linux kernel 4.1.x that I've been testing with
suspend/resume cycles.

I noticed that after each suspend/resume cycle open file count
increases. In my testing I got around 490 suspend/resume cycles until
libwayland gave error that there is too many open files.
[14:29:52.385] libwayland: dup failed: Too many open files
[14:29:52.385] caught signal: 6
The Wayland connection broke. Did the Wayland compositor die?
Looking at the lsof output after around 60 suspend/resume cycles I can
see that for example this file appears 60 more times:
weston      921            root   11u      CHR       29,0      0t0
5323 /dev/fb0

The 11u part changes, but other parts are same. First time there is
11u and 13u but later it goes all the way to 93u (some numbers are

Also my QT application running when suspending keeps keeping these
kinds of files open which I assume (I may be wrong) because the

qtapplicat   929  965       root   11u      REG       0,18    48097
12272 /run/user/root/weston-shared-24Zz9a (deleted)

I know that the Weston is quite old since I think 4.0.0 has already
come out,but is there any known bug that causes this? I did a search,
but couldn't find any. I know it's rare to need suspend/resume over
400 times without cutting power at some point, but I'm sure there'll
be that one customer that does it.

-Teemu K

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