[PATCH wayland-protocols v3] unstable/drm-lease: DRM lease protocol support

Philipp Zabel p.zabel at pengutronix.de
Thu Aug 23 06:12:17 UTC 2018

On Wed, 2018-08-22 at 09:24 -0700, Keith Packard wrote:
> Marius-cristian Vlad <marius-cristian.vlad at nxp.com> writes:
> > > Can't the client query available modes on the passed connector via
> > > the
> > > leased fd?
> > 
> > That's how the client does it now, it uses the leased fd to query
> > available modes. Presumably the client should have/receive all the data
> > from the compositor....
> Just so you know -- basic mode information isn't sufficient to identify
> the target headset. Systems have been attempting to identify the headset
> assuming the pixel size of the device was unique, but there are now
> headsets reporting 'normal' desktop sizes and so something based on
> EDID is likely to be necessary.

I think the best way to identify the target headset would be serial
number information from EDID, which should match the serial number
information from USB for most of them.

I have noticed that my Vive doesn't contain serial number information in
its EDID block - it is impossible to differentiate between two of those
if they are connected at the same time. In that case matching against
manufacturer ID and product code from EDID should be good enough for
most cases.


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