Question regarding moving weston_output_from_resource to weston_head_from_resource

Sichem Zhou sichem.zh at
Tue Aug 28 12:46:51 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Yesterday I just updated my compositor from `libweston-4` to `libweston-5`.
Great job on the new weston_head API. I've noticed the changes mapping
`wl_output` to `weston_head` that I hope to pose a question on that:

Since the `weston_output` represents a logical device and `weston_head` is
for the physical one, shouldn't the clients only worry about the logical
device thus `weston_output_from_resource` shouldn't change to
`weston_head`. For example if I have a client that work with multiple
`wl_output` like LibreOffice presentation application. It occupies multiple
monitors if in the presentation mode. If it gets multiple `wl_output` for a
single logical device. I think it leads to a confusing behavior. This is my
guess, I don't have multiple monitors thus I cannot test it.

What you guys think?

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